Georgian man finds stranded bear cub, takes him to the Parliament

It's not only Russia where the bears walk the streets. An unusual visitor showed up in the office of the Georgian Parliament in Tbilisi on April 25. A small brown bear cub was brought to the parliament by a man who stumbled upon the animal on a road near Tbilisi.

The cute six-week "teddy" was found by the man on the Tskneti-Betania road (near Tbilisi). The kind-hearted man picked up the stranded bear and first took it to the city zoo, but the administration refused to adopt the animal.

After that the man took the cub to the parliament building in Tbilisi, where they spent some time and left together.

Tbilisi zoo explained why they couldn't accept the bear immediately. "We do not accept animals from individuals, when the animal's origin is unknown. In this case, the man should apply to the Ministry of the Environment to find out the origin of the animal, after which the zoo would be able to take the bear," the zoo press service told Sputnik.


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