Great Return to the liberated territories continues. New location - Lachin’s Zabukh! (ANALYTICS)

The second Karabakh war ended nearly three years ago. The territories liberated from occupation have undergone extensive restoration and reconstruction during this time and have already begun to bring inhabitants back to their ancestral homes within the Great Return program.

Aghali village of the Zangilan district was the location of the first relocation caravan, which got underway on July 19, 2022. 41 families gradually moved into their homes as part of this relocation up until July 25.

108 families totaling 526 individuals have been relocated to Aghali village of the Zangilan district as part of the Great Return program.

On May 27, the first residents were relocated to Lachin. 20 families totaling 97 individuals were resettled in Lachin on that day. On July 13, 18 families totaling 73 individuals, 19 families totaling 89 people, and 23 families totaling 85 people all moved back to their homes.

The last return process to Lachin took place on August 25. Within this process, 20 families consisting of 80 people were relocated to the Zabukh village of Lachin district. The residents already reached Zabukh and have been presented with house keys.

254 families totaling 992 individuals have so far been relocated to the Lachin district.

The liberated territories were developed based on the "smart village" idea within the framework of the State Program approved by the President of Azerbaijan, Ilham Aliyev. The distinction between rural and urban areas actually vanishes under the "Smart Village" concept. One of the five national priorities in the country's new strategic phase, which covers the years up to 2030, has been identified as ensuring the Great Return to the aforementioned territories.

The liberated areas saw the construction of new hospitals, schools, and social security facilities.

“Advanced examples are being created in the direction of ensuring safe living, construction of cities, towns, and villages, construction of strategically important and comprehensive infrastructure, integration into local and foreign value chains, as well as environmental restoration in the liberated territories. In a word, these lands are rapidly being restored, and our goals related to the Great Return are being successfully realized," said President Ilham Aliyev.

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