ICRC vehicles and two ambulances pass along Azerbaijan's Lachin road

Vehicles of the International Committee of the Red Cross and two ambulances have passed along Azerbaijan's Lachin road where a peaceful protest rally of Azerbaijanis against eco-terror in the country’s lands has been held for the ninth day, News.az reports.

This once again shows that the road is open for humanitarian purposes. The peaceful protesters declare that they can create equal conditions for the passage of all civilian Armenians, including those in need of help from peaceful Armenians - the elderly, women and children. Unfortunately, Ruben Vardanyan does not let them go, prevents them from coming here and deliberately spreads fake information that the Azerbaijani side is allegedly creating a humanitarian crisis against civilians.

The representatives of Azerbaijani non-governmental organizations have been protesting against the inadmissibility of Azerbaijani specialists to the territory, to monitor the illegal exploitation of deposits in the area of stationing the peacekeepers.

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