Int'l community should support Azerbaijan's efforts to re-integrate Armenians living in Karabakh and return of Azerbaijanis to Armenia: Western Azerbaijan Community

The meeting of the UN Security Council held on August 16, 2023, upon initiative by Armenia, exposed this country’s claims regarding a humanitarian situation as a result of Azerbaijan's actions regarding the Armenians living in the Karabakh region of Azerbaijan, as outright lies. The meeting also showed once again that the real essence of Armenia's policy is territorial claims against Azerbaijan and interference in its internal affairs, the Western Azerbaijan Community said in a statement, News.Az reports.

The statement reads: "It is hypocritical that Armenia, which expelled and persistently prevented return of more than a million Azerbaijanis from Armenia and Azerbaijani lands, which it captured through military invasion and kept under occupation for 30 years, is now trying to accuse Azerbaijan of a non-existent humanitarian issue.

The Azerbaijani side, which enabled the safe return of Armenians immediately after the war in 2020 who had left the Karabakh region of Azerbaijan during the war, is currently working on their reintegration. This effort ensures the supremacy of Azerbaijan’s Constitution and human rights, and strengthens the foundations of sustainable peace in the region.

One of the main motives of Armenia, which pursues a policy of mono-ethnicity and ethnic discrimination, in preventing the reintegration of Armenians living in the Karabakh region of Azerbaijan into Azerbaijan, is that the inevitable successful coexistence between representatives of the two ethnicities in Azerbaijan will strengthen the prospects of the return of Azerbaijanis expelled from Armenia.

The Western Azerbaijan Community urges the world to condemn Armenia's policy of territorial expansion and mono-ethnic ideology, which pose a grave threat to international peace and security. The community calls for pressure on Armenia to immediately withdraw the armed groups it has illegally stationed on the territory of Azerbaijan and to cease hindering the reintegration of Armenians in the area. Additionally, the community reiterates its call for the international community to support the safe and dignified return of Azerbaijanis expelled from Armenia to their homes.

Furthermore, the Western Azerbaijani Community strongly condemns France's systematic hostile attitude towards Azerbaijan on all platforms, as evident in the latest UN Security Council meeting. The Western Azerbaijan Community calls on Paris to abandon its Azerbaijan-phobic policy and to refrain from abusing its status as a permanent member of the UN Security Council."



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