Iran pursues neighborhood policy by ignoring international laws: Azerbaijani MP

Iran keeps carrying out its neighborhood policy without relying on any international laws, Azerbaijani MP Arzu Naghiyev told News.Az.

The lawmaker noted that Iran’s recent military drills near the borders of Azerbaijan pursue several goals.

Naghiyev described Iran’s military exercises as an inadequate step taken against Azerbaijan.

“As the President of Azerbaijan stated, all this does not worry us. However, those who do not stick to the traditions of the neighborhood should not forget the Azerbaijan-Türkiye unity, which is based on the principle of ‘one nation, two states’,” he said.

The MP said Iran has repeatedly made groundless allegations on the Zangazur corridor. 

“The Zangazur corridor is a project aimed at providing a connection between Nakhchivan and mainland Azerbaijan. This corridor will be able to transport the most important shipments intended for international logistics,” he added.

Naghiyev said that the Iranian foreign minister’s visit to Yerevan on the eve of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s visit to Azerbaijan for the inauguration of the Zangilan International Airport is not accidental.

“Iran somehow wants to demonstrate its partnership with Armenia. After the opening of the Iranian consulate in Gafan, Erdogan stated that Türkiye will commission its consulate in Azerbaijan’s Shusha city,” said the lawmaker, stressing that Tehran’s recent move is directed not only against Azerbaijan but the entire region and the Turkic world.

Naghiyev stated that Iran also ignored Azerbaijan’s proposal for cooperation in the 3+3 format in the region.  


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