Iran’s president, conservatives clash over UN 2030 agenda

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani is being given a rough time by conservatives over his cooperation under a United Nations education program.

In the most recent turn over the issue, 12 lawmakers wrote a cautionary letter to Rouhani and asked him to desist from following the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, the rightwing Mehr news agency reported May 31.

The MPs warned that they would put on agenda the impeachment of Rouhani if he does not back off.

They rebuked the president for insisting on implementing the agenda “instead of apologizing to Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei” for having initiated its implementation in the first place. The criticism had been initiated by Ayatollah Khamenei himself a few weeks earlier.

Conservatives say the implementation of the agenda is betrayal of Iran’s Islamic codes and will “demoralize” the education system.

In response, the Ministry of Science issued an announcement May 31 assuring the critics that the government does not follow the agenda where it goes against Islamic norms.

During a press conference on May 22, Rouhani dismissed the accusations related to his administration’s plan under the agenda as “lies”. He even adopted a strong personal tone and said he “will not forgive” those who made the false accusations.

During the electoral campaigns of May 19 presidential election where Rouhani fought for a second term, his rivals preached the masses against him by saying he has underhandedly set a goal to undermine society’s religion by following the agenda.


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