Media Development Agency holds a meeting with the heads of online media entities that received financial assistance

On August 12, the Executive Director of the Media Development Agency, Ahmed Ismayilov met with the heads of the online media entities that received financial assistance for the second half of 2022, reports.

Mr. Ismayilov emphasized that the main goal of providing financial assistance is the development of online media entities, strengthening their economic independence, improving their activities, as well as implementing projects that are important for the state and society, and in order to achieve the goals set in this direction, full implementation of obligations under the contract.

According to him, especially timely accountability for financial assistance is important.

It was particularly emphasized that as a result of the provision of financial assistance, the technical problems of many websites were solved by the heads of online media entities during the past period, new sections were created, some have completely new format, and the labor relations of journalists operating in the relevant media entities were formalized.

A detailed exchange of views was held at the meeting regarding the mentioned issues.

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