Mexican radio highlights reconstruction work in Azerbaijan’s Karabakh

Azerbaijan’s Ambassador to Mexico Mammad Talibov gave an interview to the country's influential ABC radio about the country's achievements during independence and the ongoing reconstruction work in the country’s liberated territories, the Embassy of Azerbaijan told News.Az.

The interview focused on the ancient history of Azerbaijan's statehood, the difficulties it faced after the restoration of independence, its achievements during independence, the country's economic, social and political leadership in the region and gas strategy, and socio-economic successes.

The ambassador then spoke about the history of the Armenian aggression, the 44-day war, and the historic victory of Azerbaijan, the devastation of the liberated territories by Armenia, environmental terrorism and mass mining, as well as the work done by Azerbaijan to rebuild these territories.

Asked about the conditions for achieving lasting peace in the region, the diplomat said that Azerbaijan has always supported coexistence and stability in the region. For this, the Armenian leadership must abandon the aggressive policy and territorial claims and prepare its people for peace.

The ambassador also noted that this year is marked as the "Year of Shusha" in connection with the 270th anniversary of the foundation of Shusha city, the cultural capital of Azerbaijan, and information was provided about cultural events and festivals held in the city.

The program also noted the 30th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Azerbaijan and Mexico this year.


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