MFA: Armenian leadership's action seriously damages efforts to resolve conflict peacefully

The Press Service of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Azerbaijan disseminated information on Armenian Prime Minister's and President's congratulation the separatist regime in the occupied territories on the "Independence Day", APA reports.

The Ministry says that: "Congratulation by the Prime Minister and the President of Armenia to the puppet separatist regime created by the aggressor state in the territories of Azerbaijan now under the occupation of the Armenian armed forces on the occasion of the so-called “Independence Day” is a clear and undisguised recognition of this country's aggressive policy; a visit, along with the political leadership of Armenia, and the heads of its diplomatic missions of the occupied Nagorno-Karabakh region of Azerbaijan and the surrounding areas, shows that the aggressor country is trying to consolidate the status quo based on the results of the policy of aggression, accompanied by a gross violation of norms and principles international law, which seriously damages efforts to resolve the conflict peacefully.

The recent completely groundless statements of the Armenian leadership and the steps taken by him are aimed at convincing themselves and the people of "justification" of their illegal actions. Otherwise, how else can one characterize the holding of a “holiday of independence” on parts of the internationally recognized territories of Azerbaijan, the “independence” of which is not recognized by any state in the world, and occupation is condemned in numerous documents and resolutions adopted by the international community.

Armenia, which is responsible for the military occupation of the internationally recognized territories of Azerbaijan and the bloody ethnic cleansing of the local Azerbaijani population, as well as for other crimes against humanity, must realize that these lands will return again to the control of Azerbaijan, and they will ensure the joint peaceful coexistence of the two communities region in peace and security. There is no other solution to the conflict, and mediators in the person of the OSCE Minsk Group co-chairs and the entire world community are well aware of this."



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