Microsoft stops supporting Windows 8.1 operating system starting from Jan 10

Microsoft Corporation on January 10, 2023 officially stopped supporting the operating system Windows 8.1, according to the company’s announcement on its blog, reports.

After January 10, 2023, the users of the system will not be provided with technical assistance for any reason, software updates and security systems will also be unavailable. Nevertheless, the computer running this operating system will continue to work, however, there will be no further updates. In this regard, the corporation recommends upgrading to a version of the operating system that is still supported, for example, to Windows 11.

Also starting from January 10, users will no longer be able to purchase and install applications and games from Microsoft Store on their computers with Windows 8.1. Up until the due date, the users had such an opportunity.

The latest version of the browser to support Windows 8.1 will be Microsoft Edge version 109, which is scheduled for release some time after January 12.

Microsoft introduced the Windows 8.1 operating system in 2013. This system is intended mostly for touchscreen PCs, however, it also supports classic computers.

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