MP: It is urgent to express official protest to Russia!

"It is urgently needed to send a protest to the Russian side at the level of official structures of our country."

The Ministry of Culture and Tourism must prevent this provocation and take steps for immediate removal of the team representing the separatist regime in the occupied lands of Azerbaijan at the festival, otherwise the Azerbaijani team must give the protest statement of withdrawal from the festival.

The statement came from Azerbaijan MP Ganira Pashayeva.

The MP protested against the participation of representatives of the so-called "Nagorno Karabakh Republic" in the festival "KVN-2017" in Sochi:

"If the team representing the separatist regime is not removed from the competition, the Azerbaijani team must submit a protest and leave the competition. The event is an open provocation. This is a lack of respect for the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan, and we express our serious protest and strongly condemn the provocation.

"We appeal to our Diaspora organizations in Russia and encourage them to be active in the prevention of this provocation. It is important that all Diaspora organizations, all our compatriots living in Russia have expressed serious protest against this provocation, and appealed to the organizers of the festival and the relevant Russian agencies. Such provocations have a negative impact on the Azerbaijani-Russian relations, and once again call into question the objectivity of the OSCE Minsk Group co-chairs, one of whom represents Russia in the resolution of this conflict. Such actions also go contrary to the mediation of official Moscow.

"Territorial integrity of Azerbaijan is supported by all countries, including Russia, international organizations, and an invitation of a team representing the separatist regime for participation in such a festival is unacceptable and disrespectful to the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan."


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