NATO leader says there is "broad support" for adding Finland and Sweden to alliance

NATO member countries broadly support welcoming Finland and Sweden as members, the alliance’s secretary general told CNN’s Richard Quest in Davos, reports citing CNN.

Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said he is “confident” that NATO will find a solution to Turkish concerns about the membership bid of the two countries.

“When an ally is concerned we do as we always do in NATO and sit down and look for a solution. Normally we find a solution and I am confident we will find that also in this case," he said.

Stoltenberg said it is important for member states to “recognize that Turkey is an important ally,” and is “key in both the fight against ISIS in Iraq and Syria but also in addressing Russia in the Black Sea.”

To grant membership to Finland and Sweden, there would need to be an agreement by the 30 current NATO allies. Turkey has said it won't support their joining unless certain demands are met.

“We are in close contact with Stockholm, Helsinki and Ankara and I am confident we will be able to find a solution,” Stoltenberg said, adding that he expects Russia to “protest” if NATO does decide to accept the two new member states.

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