New York cathedral gunman shot dead by police

A man armed with two pistols has been shot dead by police after opening fire near a cathedral in New York.

Officers say the incident happened at the Cathedral of St John the Divine in Manhattan on Sunday near a crowd gathered for a Christmas concert.

As yet the man - who yelled "Kill me" as he began shooting - has not been identified.

Police Commissioner Dermot F Shea said it was "by the grace of God" that nobody had been injured.

Three officers nearby fired 15 rounds at the suspect after he began to shoot, the commissioner said. At least one bullet hit the man in the head.

Reuters news agency photographs show the gunman wearing a face mask bearing the flag of the Dominican Republic as well as a black winter coat and a white cap.

Authorities are awaiting fingerprints to confirm his identity, but police officials told the New York Times his identification said he was a 52-year-old man with a previous conviction for second-degree murder and a lengthy criminal record.c)

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