PM Viktor Orban: I need to learn from President Ilham Aliyev how to become more successful in international arena

“Azerbaijan borders on Iran in the south and on Russia in the north. Hungary borders on Germany to the west and on Russia to the east. We are past that. We are aware of the situation. We know how difficult it is to manage people in such a complicated situation. This has helped us a lot in strengthening our friendship,” said Prime Minister of Hungary Viktor Orban at an official dinner, which was hosted in honor of Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev in Budapest, reports.

“We understand each other in foreign policy. I have learned so much from President Aliyev in the last 10 years in how to lead the country so well in a very complex environment. Unfortunately, I couldn’t learn everything he knows. Because we are on the radical side, whereas he is a politician known for his more moderate views. I need to learn from him how to become more successful in the international arena in a moderate way,” PM Viktor Orban emphasized.

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