President Ilham Aliyev speaks about Armenians’ war crimes committed in Lachin

“We are building Lachin now. When I arrived in Lachin in September last year, the appearance of the city was very sad. The city was almost destroyed. There were a few clumsy buildings left over from the pre-occupation period,” said President Ilham Aliyev as he addressed the “Lachin City Day” festivities, News.Az reports. 

“As you may know, the Armenian state committed a war crime and carried out illegal settlement here. They specifically brought Armenians from foreign countries, from the Middle East, and settled them in the houses of Azerbaijanis. I want to repeat that this is a war crime. Unfortunately, international organizations and Armenia’s patrons turned a blind eye to that. This was acceptable to them. Because, just like the Armenian state, Armenia's patrons abroad also believed that these lands should remain under occupation forever, but our determination, our strength, our fist hit them too. Because the creation of a second Armenia and a second Armenian state in our land was not only a product of the Armenian leadership,” the Azerbaijani leader noted.


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