President of Azerbaijan: "Russia is a stabilization factor on a global scale"

Russia is a stabilization factor on a global scale and plays a leading role in international affairs, - the President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev said at an informal meeting of CIS leader, APA's Moscow correspondent reports.

"Russia is a country that unites the CIS, the main country of the commonwealth, therefore, naturally, those positive processes that take place in Russia have a positive impact on all member countries. Under the leadership of Vladimir Putin, Russia has achieved very great success in social and economic development, Russia has great authority in the international arena and today plays a leading role in international affairs", - Ilham Aliyev said.

"Under your leadership [President Putin], socio-political stability has been ensured, it relies on public consent.Naturally, there is no doubt in Azerbaijan that the Russian people will make the right choice in the forthcoming presidential elections. We know very well that the successful development of bilateral relations is connected with your name", - he added

The President of Azerbaijan noted that without social and political stability, it is impossible to achieve success: "We have seen enough of bloody events, clashes, hostility, inter-religious strife, interconfessional contradictions, ethnic conflicts for the last few years, so this entire international panorama once again speaks of the correctness of the course that you are implementing, because today Russia is a factor of stabilization on a global scale", - the head of state said.


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