Presidential aide: Metsamor NPP is a source of great danger first of all for Armenia itself

"The National Security Strategy of Armenia notes that the role of the scientific-educational system in the development of Armenia as a center of high technologies will have special importance. Though, as it is recognized in the strategy itself, how can this goal be achieved on the background of mass outflow of literate people from the country?" said Hikmet Hajiyev, Assistant to Azerbaijan’s President - Head of the Foreign Affairs Policy Department of the Presidential Administration.

"The document says that the solution of internal problems between Armenians through the use of violence is unacceptable, there should be regulation through free courts. In fact, the political pressure on the already unfree courts is growing, the Constitutional Court is oppressed, which does not want to follow the instructions of the Prime Minister, and the judges are changing.

Logically, the environmental section of the document should have included the Metsamor Nuclear Power Plant (NPP), but it is interesting that there is no reference to it. Although this expired nuclear power plant, located in the active seismic zone, is a source of great danger primarily for Armenia itself," the Presidential aide noted.

According to Hajiyev, in general, the analysis of the document shows that Armenia pays attention not so much to economic development, education, science, but groundless accusations against Azerbaijan and Turkey: "This characterizes the Armenian government's views on the future. The main goal is to keep the Armenian people as a hostage of the conflict".


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