Prisoner swap creates positive atmosphere for Azerbaijan-Armenia normalization: Russian political scientist

The recent exchange of prisoners creates a positive atmosphere for the Azerbaijan-Armenia normalization process and gives hope for a possible breakthrough for signing a peace treaty, Sergey Markov, a Russian political scientist, told News.Az.

“It is high time for Azerbaijan and Armenia to normalize its relations. The main problem between Armenia and Azerbaijan has already been consigned to history,” Markov said.

According to the Russian political scientist, although Armenia has already recognized Karabakh as part of Azerbaijan, it hesitates to sign a peace treaty.

“Unfortunately, the main problem is that Armenia still hopes for the help of its allies. Armenia still hopes that its major allies - France, the United States, and the European Union - will exert political pressure on Azerbaijan and achieve a solution to all controversial issues in favor of Armenia. This is a wrong strategic step by Armenia,” he said.

Markov stressed that Armenia’s radical demands and its hopes for the solution of its problems with the help of major allies remain an impediment to concluding a peace treaty with Azerbaijan.

The Russian political scientist also said that anti-Azerbaijani attitudes and biased statements by some countries and international organizations are groundless and ineffective.


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