Purpose of Armenia's provocation is to show that Karabakh conflict is not over - Russian expert

The main purpose of such armed provocations is to show that the military conflict in Karabakh between Azerbaijan and Armenia is not over.

Sergey Markov, director of the Institute for Political Studies of Russia and political scientist made the due remark in an interview with News.Az while commenting on the recent provocations committed by Armenian armed forces on the Armenian-Azerbaijani border.

"Often these kinds of shootings are not organized. They can come from another source. In particular, the source can be radical organizations such as Dashnaktsutyun, which use terrorist methods to achieve their goals. These organizations are very dissatisfied with the peace treaty of November 9, 2020. And they would like to break this treaty," the expert said.

"Also, unorganized groups or loners are shelling, some of them were forced to leave Karabakh. This was unexpected for them. They are brought up with a vengeful spirit, trying to take revenge on those for whom they were forced to leave Karabakh," he added.

"In general, the Armenian society is shocked and in some ways, it is even in a morbid condition. The defeat in the Karabakh war was catastrophically unexpected for them. Therefore, many representatives of the Armenian society can give out such spontaneous reactions to radical terrorist acts.  Their actions are unpredictable and inadequate," Markov concluded.


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