Rouhani demands eastern borders to be controlled against COVID-19 Indian mutation

President Hassan Rouhani called for the eastern borders of Iran to be meticulously controlled in order to stop COVID-19 from entering the country so that it would not face a condition like that of the UK coronavirus.

All organizations are obliged to do their duties according to the program and provide the necessary information for the people, said President Rouhani in a meeting of the heads of the expert committees of the Coronavirus Task Force on Thursday.

Pakistan and Afghanistan are located in the east of Iran and have India on their east.

Taking into account the doubts of the expert about the affectivity of the vaccines, despite all the efforts to make vaccines for the virus all over the world, one cannot have much trust in the vaccine; therefore, still, the only effective way to fight the virus is following the protocols and avoiding gatherings, he said.

He also ordered the Health Ministry to cooperate with the private sector to import vaccines.

(c) IRNA


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