Russian analyst comments on second stage of Armenia's transfer of minefield maps to Azerbaijan

The second stage of Armenia's transfer of maps of minefields to Azerbaijan mediated by Russian peacekeepers is a very important evidence of the fact that the process of obtaining maps has been set up and is being consistently implemented, Andrey Petrov, a senior analyst of "Vestnik Kavkaza" news agency, told News.Az.

According to him, although the transfer of maps is a direct obligation of Yerevan, Baku met the wishes of Nikol Pashinyan's regime and agreed to link it to the natural arrival in the homeland of Armenian saboteurs, released by a court decision.

"This scheme allows Yerevan to present the event as its own achievement in the struggle for, as they say, the "return of prisoners of war" and, under the cover of such a political slogan, to hand over mine maps through Russian mediators safely for itself. In the end, everyone wins: Azerbaijan gets an opportunity to demine strategically important territories in the shortest possible time, and the Armenian authorities get an opportunity to strengthen their position."

Petrov also noted the importance of Russia's role as a mediator in this process.

"It is now, in fact, the guarantor of the fact that Armenia will fulfill the conditions of this scheme. The fact is that even in such a "win-win" situation, there is a risk that Yerevan may try to derail the agreements and not fulfill its part of the obligations - of course, in order to gain even more political benefits from the post-war processes. Moscow does not need such tricks at all, especially since it managed to achieve  control over Yerevan after a rather large and delicate political and diplomatic work. Therefore, Russia will now be very careful to ensure that all the post-conflict processes move forward and achieve their goals, rather than be stalled by the Armenian side. This includes the transfer of maps of the minefields."


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