Russian-Turkish monitoring center will function as very important instrument for post-war period – Azerbaijani president

The Russian-Turkish Monitoring Center will function as a very important instrument for the post-war period, Azerbaijan’s President Ilham Aliyev said during a press conference for local and foreign media representatives on Friday.

“As for the activities of the Russian-Turkish Monitoring Center, I can say that this is partly reflected in the statement signed on 10 November. It did not specify that there would be a Russian-Turkish monitoring center. But when agreeing this statement, we stipulated that,” he said.

The head of state recalled that Azerbaijan has created this monitoring center near the village of Marzili in Ahdam district at its own expense.

“All conditions have been created. As you know, the monitoring center is now in operation and its main goal is to exercise control in the post-war period, to conduct monitoring using drones in order to prevent any confrontation in this conflict zone and, if this happens, to establish who was the instigator, who is guilty. So far, with the exception of the sabotage group sent to Azerbaijan, as I mentioned earlier, there has been no serious confrontation. I believe that this monitoring center will function as a very important instrument for the post-war period,” President Aliyev added.


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