Now, it’s a new page in our history - President of Azerbaijan

Now, it’s a new page in our history, President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev said receiving in a video format a delegation led by Chairman of the Italian Maire Tecnimont Group Fabrizio Di Amato.

"Azerbaijan will implement all what is necessary in order to restore life on the territories which we have liberated. It will be not easy, because everything is destroyed and visiting the liberated territories one can see the total destruction. All the buildings, all the factories, all the historical monuments, social infrastructure is leveled to ground. So, we will have to do everything from zero. Therefore, of course, we will need good partners also for that part of our activity. Of course, your activity in Azerbaijan and projects which you implement help us to increase the non-energy related sector of our industry. And by the way, I can tell you despite the pandemic, and despite the economic decline in Azerbaijan last year which was 4.3%, our non-energy related industry grew 12.5%. This is a real demonstration of industrialization program," the head of state said.

"Cooperation with such leading international companies as Maire Tecnimont of course helped us and will help us in the future. I was looking at the information with respect to your activity in Azerbaijan, and of course, I remember ceremony of inauguration in Sumgayit, when President Mr. Mattarella was attending with me that important remarkable event. In general, your company involved in the projects worth more than 1.6 billion euros in Azerbaijan, and I think it will continue because you have already demonstrated your commitment to our country. And what you say about the composition of local nationals in your activities also demonstrates your commitment and your long-term strategy in Azerbaijan. Because, if you were not planning to stay for a long time you wouldn’t have done it. In the beginning there have been only Italians and now more than 70% are locals. So, you contributed to trainings. That's also very important," said the Azerbaijani president.


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