Tehran: severing ties with Qatar not solution for regional crisis

"What is happening is the preliminary result of the sword dance."

A senior Iranian official said that the decision by some Gulf Arab states and Egypt to sever diplomatic ties with Qatar would not help end the crisis in the Middle East, according to Vestnik Kavkaza.

"The era of cutting diplomatic ties and closing borders is over... it is not a way to resolve crisis. These countries have no other option but to start regional dialogue," the deputy chief of staff of Iran's President, Hamid Aboutalebi, tweeted on Monday.

"What is happening is the preliminary result of the sword dance," he said in an apparent reference to US President Donald Trump's recent visit to Saudi Arabia, Reuters reported.

Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Yemen and Egypt accused Qatar of supporting terrorism, opening up the worst rift in years among some of the most powerful states in the Arab world.


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