The view from European Parliament: French president is making a big mistake

"We can’t accept double standards. We have to speak about hundreds of thousands of Azerbaijanis forcibly expelled from their hometowns," member of the European Parliament from Poland Ryszard Czarnecki said in an interview with Azerbaijani journalist Anastasia Lavrina.

In the political program Global Discussion the MEP also noted that French President Emmanuel Macron is making a big mistake by preferring a unilateral approach to the situation in the South Caucasus in favor of Armenia.

"This approach is counterproductive to France's economic interests and its strategy, as well as to peace in other countries of the European Union. There are many countries that want to maintain dialogue with both countries, not just with Armenia," Ryszard Czarnecki said.

Answering the presenter's question about how to overcome the existing difficulties in relations between the European Union and Azerbaijan, the member of the European Parliament said that the EU needs to have good relations with Azerbaijan.

"I invite my colleagues from the European Parliament, the European Commission and the European Council to be pragmatic. This is the first. Secondly, please respect your partners. As the European Union, we cannot lecture Azerbaijan, act as some kind of judge or prosecutor. We should develop equal partnership," the MEP concluded.

The full interview is available here:


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