Turkish Air Force destroys 12 IS facilities in northern Syria

As part of the ongoing ‘Shield of Euphrates’ operation, Turkish Air Force has destroyed 12 facilities of terrorists of the ‘Islamic State’ (aka IS, ISIL, ISIS,

A command post and fortifications of terrorists have been destroyed. Meanwhile, 21 terrorists have been killed.

On Aug. 24 morning, the Turkish Air Force, with the support of the coalition aircraft, launched an operation to liberate the city of Jarabulus from the IS militants in northern Syria, near Aleppo.

The operation was dubbed the Shield of the Euphrates. Syria has been suffering from an armed conflict since March 2011, which, according to the UN, has so far claimed over 500,000 lives.

Militants from various armed groups are confronting the Syrian government troops. The IS, YPG and PYD are the most active terrorist groups in Syria.


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