Türkiye commemorates attache murdered by Armenian terror group in France

Türkiye on Sunday commemorated a security attache to France who was assassinated by an Armenian terror group in 1981, News.Az reports citing Anadolu Agency. 

"We remember with respect our martyr Cemal Ozen, Security Attache of the Turkish Consulate General in Paris, assassinated in the heinous attack by the Armenian terrorist organization ASALA on 24 September 1981," the Turkish Foreign Ministry said on X.

The attack was just one of the assassinations of Turkish diplomats and family members around the world by Armenian terror groups ASALA (Armenian Secret Army for the Liberation of Armenia) and JCAG (Justice Commandos of the Armenian Genocide).

Since the 1970s, Armenian terror groups have killed 31 Turkish diplomats and family members.

ASALA, founded in 1975, was the first Armenian terror group to wage war against Türkiye, and the JCAG was founded the same year in Beirut.

ASALA not only targeted Türkiye but also other countries and became infamous for a 1975 bomb attack on the Beirut office of the World Council of Churches.

The JCAG, which claimed that it only got support from the Armenian diaspora rather than foreign partners, only targeted Türkiye because it believed that attacking other countries would damage the so-called "Armenian struggle."


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