Ukrainian startup created and launched hands rehabilitation solution after strokes and injuries

Activation of neuroplasticity and muscle mobility improvement is the first need for people who have suffered a stroke or had hands injury.

While Mask has launched rockets, hospitals, despite advanced technologies, are still using balls and elastics. This means that evaluation of progress will probably show low indicators and subjectivity. But, thanks to machine learning and Big Data, rehabilitation of patients in hospitals, and home, is becoming more effective.

Renovation of hand motility is not a question of a week or month. The process is tiring and boring, which means lack of motivation for a patient. At first, fingers ‘do not obey’, and many patients get terribly annoyed. The absence of motivation can be defeated by gaming: routine training of movements turns into a fascinating process.

The Raccoon.Recovery solution allows patients to play games, combining exercises with pleasure. For example, while user is competing with opponents in Need for Speed, hands are getting important training.

But this solution could not be called medical, if not three important features: 
collection of data characterizing patient movements, 
data analysis and provision of recommendations using Machine Learning, 
cloud storage of information.

Solution components:
Hardware — Raccoon.Clip

It is a universal controller for video games and mobile VR/AR applications, which is connected to the hand palm with a clip. Unlike a mouse or keyboard, Raccoon.Clip does not need a surface for a game process. A significant advantage of Raccoon.Clip, in comparison with joysticks and manipulators, is that it does not need to be held in a hand, which is important when there is a problem with fingers’ bending. It is able to interact with any smartphone or tablet, unlike other controllers for mobile VR/AR. And it can be used with any headset, giving each user a unique experience, compared only with Google Daydream.

Software — software for doctors and application for patients
Comprehensive software allows each doctor to collect statistic information and select treatment based on computer games. And iOS/Android-application allows patients to track progress in dynamics.

But the most important fact is a possibility for physician and rehabilitologist to control the progress of their patients at home, in order to correct the training program if necessary.

Advantages of Raccoon.World solution for rehabilitation of hand mechanics
Medical equipment for rehabilitation, as a rule, is used only with the ‘native’ software, installed by the manufacturer, which is often boring and monotonous. Raccoon.Recovery uses existing games. Physician can choose appropriate games according to the group of muscles that should be trained, and individual preferences of the patient.

All components of the system exchange with data continuously, using ‘cloud’ technologies. This allows doctors to control the patient even out of a hospital.

Collected data is immediately processed and analyzed. It helps to monitor and compare effectiveness of different games in order to select appropriate activities for the renewal of specific hand functions.

Now the project is being tested in three Ukrainian hospitals and two US hospitals. 

Future plans — testing in EU countries, improving solution and launching finished product in the market. For medical institutions, which are interested in above mentioned solution, the startup offers free participation in pilot projects. The team is looking for partners and investors to accelerate research and obtain certification.


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