UN Security Council meeting exposes true face of Armenia and some of its supporters: Western Azerbaijan Community

The meeting of the United Nations (UN) Security Council on September 21 exposed the true nature of Armenia and some of its supporters, who demonstrated Azerbaijanophobia, hypocrisy and a disregard for international law, the Western Azerbaijan Community said in a statement on Friday, News.Az reports.

“First and foremost, it is crucial to emphasize that convening the UN Security Council meeting by Armenia and France regarding Azerbaijan's anti-terrorism measures on its own territory goes against the principles of international law, particularly those of territorial integrity, sovereignty, and non-interference in the internal affairs of states. The Prime Minister of Armenia's declaration that Armenia would not interfere in Azerbaijan's measures on its territory nullified the international security aspect of the issue and, thus even the theoretical basis for holding a meeting of the UN Security Council on this topic disappeared,” the Community said.

According to the statement, considering that the Prime Minister of Armenia stated that these anti-terrorism measures do not endanger the lives of Armenians in Garabagh and that claims of mass civilian casualties are unfounded, the assertions made at the UN Security Council by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Armenia about threats against civilians in Garabagh reveal once again the inconsistency and hypocrisy of Armenia's policy.

The Community emphasized the position of Germany, France and the European Union expressed prior to and during the meeting shows that on the one hand, they are unhappy about the emerging prospects of the lasting peace in the region, and on the other hand, they discriminate against Azerbaijan and Azerbaijanis on the basis of religious and ethnic hatred.

The Western Azerbaijan Community also strongly condemned the hypocritical and destructive approach shown by Armenia and its patrons in the issue of human rights and international humanitarian law.

“We would like to remind those who accuse Azerbaijan, which initiated the peaceful reintegration of Armenian residents of Karabakh, of intending "ethnic cleansing," that they mercilessly overlook Armenia's brutal expulsion of over a million Azerbaijanis from their homeland, the massacre of tens of thousands of Azerbaijani civilians, the destruction of nearly a thousand Azerbaijani towns and villages, and the extensive laying of landmines in Azerbaijani territories to prevent the return of displaced people. Today, there is not a single Azerbaijani left in Armenia,” it said.

“The European Union, Germany, and France, who hastily introduced the phrase "living safely and with dignity in one's homeland" into political lexicon, shamelessly ignore the well-established right of Azerbaijanis expelled from Armenia to return to their homeland safely and with dignity. By supporting Armenia in its refusal to allow the Azerbaijanis expelled from Armenia to return home, and provide minefield maps to prevent IDPs from returning to liberated territories of Azerbaijan, they are effectively complicit in Armenia’s these crimes.

We demand from the European Union and from Germany and France, which are the main countries that direct the policy of this organization and whose history is full of shameful pages such as fascism, Holocaust, genocide, colonialism, as well as mass extermination of tribes in Algeria and Namibia, to stop ethnic and religious prejudice against Azerbaijan. We demand that they stop obstructing the peace between Armenia and Azerbaijan, and reconciliation between the two peoples,” the Community added.

In conclusion, the Community urged the Armenian government to respect the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Azerbaijan not only in words, but also in deeds, to create conditions for the return of expelled Azerbaijanis to Armenia, to give up the harmful habit of being a tool in the hands of foreign powers  and to choose the path of sustainable peace and prosperity.


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