Use of the expression "Nagorno-Karabakh" is disrespectful to Azerbaijan’s internationally recognized territorial integrity - MP

“We are not surprised by the activation in the French Parliament regarding the Lachin border crossing point, by the support from Paris for the manipulations that have been started. From the beginning, there was no doubt that Paris was one of the sources of the "humanitarian crisis" show, and possible "interference" of the parliamentarians in the process was expected,” Azerbaijani MP Bahruz Maharramov told

Mr. Maharramov emphasized that the fact that more than 60 senators, MPs and representatives of territorial bodies appealed to the French government and demanded "support for Nagorno-Karabakh" is not a reaction to some force majeure, but part of a planned dirty activity.

“As for the content of the appeal, it is France's apparent disregard for international law. First of all, the use of the term "Nagorno-Karabakh" with the encouragement of the French authorities is a disrespect to the internationally recognized territorial integrity of Azerbaijan. It is clear that we do not have an administrative unit called “Nagorno-Karabakh”. The French parliamentarians are acting contrary to Article 2, Clause 4 of the UN Charter and the principle of territorial integrity of international law. In this sense, groundless accusations and claims against Azerbaijan in the appeal are legally invalid and inadmissible from the moment they are voiced,” the MP noted.

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