Virus deaths, cases soar throughout Latin America

Latin America’s COVID-19 tally continues to grow as nearly 100,000 infections and more than 2,500 fatalities were reported in 10 countries on Thursday.


The biggest daily surge was in Brazil, where 1,175 fatalities and 40,716 more infections were recorded over the past day.

The country’s death toll now stands at 559,607, while the total case count has crossed 20 million, the third-highest in the world after the US and India.

According to Health Ministry data, more than 18.8 million recoveries have been recorded in Brazil, the most populous country on the continent.


In Mexico, 611 deaths and 20,685 more cases were recorded over the past 24 hours.

The country’s overall count is now over 2.9 million, including 242,547 fatalities and more than 2.2 million recoveries, according to official data.


At least 300 more virus patients died in Argentina, raising the death toll to 106,747, according to the Health Ministry.

A total of 13,736 more infections were confirmed, taking the overall tally past 4.6 million.


Colombia’s Health Ministry reported 211 more virus fatalities, raising the death toll to 121,695.

A total of 7,084 new infections were confirmed, pushing the overall count above 4.8 million, including more than 4.6 million recoveries.


There were 41 more fatalities and 4,399 infections recorded in Guatemala over the past day, according to local media reports.

The overall case count is now at 377,446, including 10,524 deaths.


Honduras saw 52 more virus deaths and 1,687 new cases, according to local media.

The country’s infections tally has reached 303,387, including 8,014 deaths and 102,384 recoveries.


In Peru, 29 more virus patients died over the past day, while the number of new infections was 872, according to the Health Ministry.

The total count in the country is now over 2.1 million, including a death toll of 196,673.


Bolivia reported 28 more fatalities and 832 new infections, raising its overall tally to 476,097, including 17,910 deaths.

A total of 411,830 people have recovered from the virus in the country, according to the Health Ministry.


Chile recorded 31 more deaths and 674 new cases, pushing the total past 1.61 million, including 35,671 fatalities and some 1.5 million recoveries, according to official data.


In Paraguay, 37 more COVID-19 patients died over the past day, pushing the death toll to 15,172.

The country’s case count increased by 427 to reach 453,794, while the number of recoveries stands at 423,964, according to Health Ministry figures.

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