Voting in Türkiye’s runoff presidential election ends in Azerbaijan

After three days of voting in the second round of the presidential elections at the Turkish Embassy in Baku and consulates in Nakhchivan and Ganja, the ballot boxes were closed at 22:00 (GMT+4), News.Az reports.

The relevant ballots and envelopes were placed in the ballot boxes and sealed under the control of members of the election commissions and observers.

A total of 15 ballot boxes were installed for Turkish voters, including 9 in Baku, 3 in Ganja and 3 in Nakhchivan.

Some 11,043 voters are registered in Azerbaijan, 7,417 at the embassy in Baku, 2,277 at the consulate in Ganja, and 1,349 at the consulate in Nakhchivan.


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