Western Azerbaijan Community releases statement regarding the baseless statements of the Armenian politician

The Western Azerbaijan Community has issued a statement regarding Armenian politician Edmon Marukyan's (who after the Patriotic War decided to become the prime minister of Armenia, in the elections in 2021, it received only 1 percent of votes, that year, organized a "magnificent" one-man action against Azerbaijan in the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, later appointed ambassador of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs) ridiculous statements about Azerbaijan, which are of a continuous nature and recently include expressions such as "hunger", "ethnic cleansing", and "genocide", the Community told News.az.

During the 30 years of occupation, ethnic cleansing, the expulsion of hundreds of thousands of Azerbaijanis from their ancestral homes, it is ironic that Armenian politicians and diplomats, boasting of the "invincible Armenian army", shed "crocodile tears" after the Patriotic War.

"We remind E. Marukyan that his country has ignored the resolutions of the UN Security Council for 30 years, even acting as if such resolutions did not exist. It is nothing but hypocrisy for Armenia and E. Marukyan to rely on the mercy of the Security Council.

The West Azerbaijani Community reminds E. Marukyan that he should not make statements that target the sovereignty and territorial integrity of another country and destroy the negotiation process, but on the contrary, he should deal with issues related to his country and in this regard, he should encourage the official Yerevan to dialogue with the Community for the return of West Azerbaijanis to Armenia," reads the statement.

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