World Azerbaijanis issued a statement condemning the terrorist attack on the embassy in Iran

World Azerbaijanis have issued a statement on the terrorist act committed against the country`s embassy in the Islamic Republic of Iran. presents the statement.

“We, Azerbaijanis living in foreign countries, are deeply saddened by the killing of one Azerbaijani and wounding of two others as a result of the armed attack on the Embassy of Azerbaijan in Iran at about 8:30 am Baku time on January 27. Every Azerbaijani of the world considers what happened to be a terrorist act organized by the Iranian secret services, every Azerbaijani condemns those who committed this treacherous attack and bloody crime and declares that we do not believe the false information spread to divert attention. This bloody incident defies logic and humanity.

We are extremely concerned about the constant violation of the rights of 40 million of our compatriots residing in South Azerbaijan and the lack of guarantees of inviolability of any diplomatic mission in Iran, or any person there.

We alert the international community to the situation in the region and call for action to combat the perpetration of crimes against humanity.

We bring to the attention of the UN, the European Union, the Council of Europe and their agencies, and other competent international and regional organizations the information about this terrorist act that impedes peace and stability in the region, and call for urgent legal and political action to prevent the Iranian secret services from committing such grave criminal acts.

We have to stress that we have been witnessing Iran and Armenia consistently commit joint unlawful actions within the borders of Azerbaijan. For example, 27 Iranian citizens recently used the Lachin road to join the separatists in Karabakh for unknown purposes, and Armenia and Iran have yet to make any statement regarding this matter.

We pay our respects to the victims of this terrorist act, we condemn the reprehensible actions of the Islamic Republic of Iran against Azerbaijan, which has faced terrorist acts of various kinds from Armenia, we demand that those responsible for crimes against peace and humanity in the region be brought to justice as soon as possible, and we expect the international community to take a just stance.”

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