Agdam-Khankendi road - a window for the integration of Armenian residents living in Karabakh into Azerbaijani society  (ANALYTICS)

Azerbaijan after restoring its territorial integrity systematically preparing the ground for the integration of the Armenian-origin residents living in Karabakh into the country's society.

Integration is inevitable, and official Baku, step by step, eliminates artificial obstacles that created by illegal formations in Karabakh.

Notable, the Armenian propaganda machine has stepped up a slanderous campaign against Baku from the first days of the protest action of Azerbaijani eco-activists on the Lachin road. However, the intrigues of the Armenian side were not successful, since Baku provided extremely transparent information about the true state of affairs and the problems caused by the slanderers themselves at the Lachin BCP. After the world community became aware of an alternative route, through which the region could be supplied with food and essential goods, the attempts of the world Armenians to inflate the soap bubble of a fictitious humanitarian catastrophe lost all meaning.

Azerbaijan's actions are carried out strictly within the framework of domestic legislation and international law was also confirmed during the talks between the heads of the two states in Brussels on July 15. Following the meeting, EU Council President Charles Michel, in particular, announced his support for Azerbaijan's proposal to use the Agdam-Khankendi road. Moreover, he did not mention any international participation, which Yerevan insists on with the obvious goal of freezing the process of integration of Armenians origin residents. Michel's statement thus fixed the vision and position of the international community.

The Agdam-Khankendi road is a window for the integration of Armenian residents living in Karabakh.

Integration into the Azerbaijani state implies the establishment of a normal life in order to obtain the benefits of life. After integration into the country’s society, Armenian-origin residents will have a chance to go to Agdam or Shusha, etc. and offer their services on a conditional exchange work, to work shoulder to shoulder with the Azerbaijanis, including restoring Karabakh, or to take preferential loans provided by Azerbaijani government for starting a business.

The Armenian-origin residents of Azerbaijan’s Karabakh region will live in a society that excludes the propaganda of racism and national exclusiveness. And in the future, albeit not very close, they can become exporters of ideas of tolerance and cultural diversity to Armenia.

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