Armenian landmine terror in liberated Azerbaijani territories continues: House of Azerbaijan in the Netherlands

The House of Azerbaijan in the Netherlands has issued a statement regarding the landmines planted in the territory of Seyidlar village of Kalbajar district, News.Az reports. 

The statement reads: “Threats posed by Armenian landmine terror in Azerbaijan’s liberated territories continue. The number of landmine victims in Azerbaijan has increased to 303 since the end of the war in 2020.

Another tragic landmine incident in which Aliyev Sahib Isa, a beekeeper in the village of Chopurlu in Azerbaijan's Kalbajar district, tripped a landmine on July 13.

Armenia’s mine terror against our country leads to the death or injury of our military personnel and civilians and also slows down the process of returning former internally displaced persons to their native lands, creating obstacles for the activities of businesses and the restoration work carried out in the region.

The planting of mines in the liberated territories of Azerbaijan and the lack of accurate maps of the mined territories is an open demonstration of Armenia’s disrespect for the norms and principles of international and humanitarian law.

As diaspora organizations, we call on the relevant international organizations to take decisive steps to curb mine terror by Armenia and have accurate mine maps handed over to Azerbaijan.”


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