Azerbaijan calls on France to avoid statements that incite Armenia to further provocations

Azerbaijan’s Foreign Ministry on Thursday called on the French side to refrain from statements that incite Armenia to further provocations and support revanchist forces, News.Az reports.

The Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry stressed that the statement of the French Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs on April 12, supporting Armenia in connection with the provocation of the Armenian side on April 11 against Azerbaijani positions located in the direction of Lachin region, does not reflect reality.

“France, which did not judge Armenia's aggression and occupation policy while acting as a mediator in the Azerbaijan-Armenia conflict for nearly 25 years, did not try to resolve the conflict, and carried out a smear campaign against our country after Azerbaijan ended the occupation and resolved the conflict on its own, has once again demonstrated an unfair position with this statement,” the ministry said.

“The statement on importance of unilateral respect to the territorial integrity of Armenia by France, which hasn’t called on Armenia to respect the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Azerbaijan, and hasn’t demanded Armenia to withdraw the Armenian armed forces from the territories of Azerbaijan in accordance with the Trilateral statement and the outcome of the Prague meeting attended by the French President, is an example of bias of France against our country,” added the ministry.


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