Azerbaijan has been formed as a strong center in the new world order – MP

“Holding another prestigious event of the Non-Aligned Movement in Azerbaijan is an indication of the growing influence of the country in the international community,” Tural Ganjali, a member of Azerbaijan's parliament, told

MP noted that the Non-Aligned Movement chaired by Azerbaijan in recent years includes many countries of the world and has already made its mark as the largest international organization after the UN: “Azerbaijan has become a middle power country and also plays the role of a key country in Eurasia. Today, we proudly emphasize the country through which the main routes of Eastern, Western, Northern, and Southern routes pas sis Azerbaijan. Today, as a result of global changes, Azerbaijan is emerging as the most important and strongest center of Eurasia.”

Tural Ganjali emphasized that Azerbaijan is the beating heart of the Organization of Turkic States and Eurasia, which unites the Turkic world: “It connects Central Asia to Europe through the Far East. At the same time, for the access of the Caspian Sea to the Black Sea and from there to the Adriatic and Mediterranean Sea, all Transport plays a very important role in communication, seaports, railway lines, cargo, people, goods, goods.”.

“Azerbaijan, the main constituent element of the Turkic world, as an independent country, has been formed as the most beautiful and strongest center worthy of itself in the new world order and has taken its role: we have to consider. We must do our best not to deviate from this goal by properly developing strong human capital resources," said Azerbaijani MP Tural Ganjali.

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