Azerbaijani ambassador to Italy exposes Armenian lies

In recent days, Armenians in Italy have been exerting pressures on media outlets, which objectively cover Armenia’s provocations against Azerbaijan, as well as on politicians, researchers and journalists, attempting to manipulate facts and mislead the public.

In order to provide truthful information to the Italian public, Azerbaijani Ambassador to Rome Mammad Ahmadzada gave an interview to the local Kmetro0 portal, the Azerbaijani Embassy told News.Az.

In the interview, the diplomat spoke about the consequences of Armenia’s occupation policy against Azerbaijan, Armenia’s latest military provocations in the direction of Azerbaijan’s Tovuz district along the two countries’ border, as well as Armenia’s intentions to create a tension in this strategic area through which the Southern Gas Corridor runs.  

The ambassador stressed that the Armenians continue misleading the international community and trying to blame Azerbaijan on the recent incidents.

He said that instead of recognizing their attacks in the direction of Tovuz district, the Armenians began to disseminate far-fetched information about a possible strike by Azerbaijan at the Metsamor nuclear power plant.

In addition, members of the Armenian communities in various parts of the world attacked Azerbaijan’s diplomatic missions, causing them serious damage, Ahmadzada added.

The diplomat noted that the Armenian side is trying to present the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict in the context of religious confrontation, although this conflict has nothing to do with the religious factor and is the result of the territorial claims of Armenians.

Click here for the full interview. 


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