Azerbaijani films to be screened at LET‘S CEE Film Festival in Vienna

Four Azerbaijani films will be screened as part of LET‘S CEE Film Festival in Vienna.

The festival features exclusively high-quality productions from Central and Eastern Europe, including the Caucasus region and Turkey. This year the festival will feature four Azerbaijani films, including Ali and Nino, Red Garden, Shanghai, Baku short film, and The Cloth Peddler, according to AzerTag. 

Ali and Nino is directed by Oscar-winning filmmaker Asif Kapadia and produced by Leyla Aliyeva, vice-president of Azerbaijan’s Heydar Aliyev Foundation, and Kris Thykier. Its screenplay was written by Oscar-winning writer Christopher Hampton. The film stars Adam Bakri (Ali) and Maria Valverde (Nino). The film is based on a love story between a young Azerbaijani Muslim nobleman and Georgian Christian princess during the tumultuous years of 1914-1920. Ali and Nino is based on the novel of the same name, the world best-seller of Gurban Said.

The festival’s programme features a selection of the best current feature films and documentaries as well as promising short films, all of which take part in the festival‘s film competitions. In addition to those, the festival also features various categories, ranging from legendary classics to topic-related retrospectives and tributes to distinguished children‘s films, depending on the respective topical focus.


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