Azerbaijani prosecutor general reveals number of civilian casualties from rocket strike on Ganja

As a result of the shelling of Ganja city by the Armenian Armed Forces, 1 civilian resident Tunar Aliyev was killed, and 32 ones were wounded, Prosecutor General of Azerbaijan Kamran Aliyev said, Trend reports on Oct.4.

“As it’s known, Armenia’s provocations against Azerbaijan have continued since September 27. The Azerbaijani army has given a weighty response to them, liberating important settlements and strategic heights from the Armenian occupation,” he said. “In response of this, by the illegitimate "Nagorno-Karabakh Republic’s" so-called ‘president’ Araik Harutyunyan’s instruction, today, on October 4, at about 10:00 (+4), violating requirements of the Geneva Convention, the Armenian Armed Forces subjected Ganja, the second largest city of Azerbaijan, populated by more than 500,000 residents, to rocket and artillery fire.”

According to the Prosecutor General, in addition to the strike on civilians, significant damage was inflicted on the city’s infrastructure and residential buildings.

"The operational investigative group of the Prosecutor General's Office, acting on the spot is determining the amount of caused damage and conducting other necessary investigative actions. Within the preliminary investigation, sufficient evidences have been collected over the deliberate murder of civilians, actions aimed at creating fear among the population by the so-called ‘President’ of the fictional ‘Nagorno-Karabakh Republic’ Arayik Harutyunian, in direct violation of the requirements of the Geneva Convention.

In connection with the above, a criminal case was initiated against Harutyunyan under the articles 100.1, 100.2 (planning, preparing, unleashing or waging an aggressive war), 116.0.1, 116.0.6, 116.0.7, 116.0.8-1 (violation of international humanitarian law during armed conflicts), 117.2 (issuing criminal orders during time of armed conflict), 120.2.1, 120.2.4, 120.2.12 (premeditated murder), 186.3 (intentional destruction or damage of property), 214.2.1, 214.2.3 (terrorism), 218.3 (organization of a criminal community (criminal organization), 279.3 (creation of armed formations or groups not provided for by law) of the Criminal Code of Azerbaijan, and the investigation is entrusted to the Main Investigation Department Prosecutor General's Office.

“I declare that all necessary measures are being taken to attract Arayik Harutyunyan, so-called the "president" of ‘Nagorno-Karabakh Republic’ and other leaders of this illegal entity to criminal responsibility for committing crimes against civilians and against humanity, as well as against the military,” Aliyev said. “In this regard, an appeal will be sent to all international structures. Once again I declare that the criminal acts of a provocative nature, the shelling from Armenia of settlements, cities, civilian infrastructure of Azerbaijan, outside the hostilities zone, must be stopped immediately."


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