Baku anticipating objectivity and impartiality from UNESCO - analyst

In my opinion, UNESCO agreed to send a delegation to Armenia at the request of Azerbaijan to observe the symmetry and objectivity of the organization, editor-in-chief of "Vestnik Kavkaza" and political analyst Andrey Petrov told News.Az.

"Baku is anticipating objectivity and impartiality in the work of UNESCO, so the organization was invited to go to both countries to assess the safety of historic monuments," the expert said.

If UNESCO refuses to visit Armenia, it would have to explain why it is so reluctant to visit this country (the answer - not to witness the destruction of historical and cultural monuments of Azerbaijan), Petrov noted.

"In addition, we can see how much the interest of Europe in Azerbaijan has grown in recent months. This is linked to the rising energy crisis in the EU, the investment attractiveness of Karabakh revival projects, and the aimlessness of unilateral support for Armenia. But if so, European organizations have more motivation to have positive contacts with Azerbaijan. Including UNESCO, no matter how Armenian nationalist lobbyists influence it."

At the same time, the expert is sure, it should be taken into account that the same lobbyists can take measures to turn a visit to Armenia into a formality.

"Therefore, there should be any external control over the work of the delegation by unbiased forces - otherwise the specialists of the organization may simply "not notice" the numerous ruins of Azerbaijani mosques and palaces in Armenia. Ideally, Azerbaijani specialists should be included in this delegation," he concluded.


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