Euronews: Carpets are at the heart of Azerbaijani art and culture (VIDEO)

Carpet weaving is one of Azerbaijan's most ancient arts, dating back to the Bronze Age, said an article published by Euronews.

Euronews visited a renowned museum in Baku, home to ancient as well as modern carpets.

“Carpets have been at the heart of Azerbaijani art and culture for thousands of years,” said the article.

“In 2010, their importance was recognised by UNESCO, which added Azerbaijani carpets to its intangible cultural heritage of humanity list. Traditional Azerbaijani carpets have a dense texture - and the patterns are characteristic of the different regions where the art is practiced. The world's first carpet museum is in Baku. Exquisite carpets are on display there, while delicate items are kept in climate-controlled storage for their protection,” Euronews said.

“The carpets are a symbol of Azerbaijani culture,” Euronews cited Azerbaijan’s Minister of Culture Anar Karimov as saying.

"It is a legacy that we inherited from our ancestors and it has been passed from generation to generation for centuries. It is so dear and close to Azerbaijani people that you can find a carpet in every house and every family, making it a very significant and inseparable part of our lifestyle," the minister added.

“The carpets are renowned for their compositions, vivid colours, and different weaving techniques,” Euronews cited Shirin Melikova, the director of the Carpet Museum, as explaining.

"By the ornaments we can talk about different periods, all of them have a meaning, very deep meaning, and if you know this meaning, you can even read and find out very special features of each historical time," she said.

The article highlighted that Azerbaijani carpet weaving can be traced back to the Bronze Age, and today, it consists of seven major carpet weaving schools, each with its distinct patterns and traditions.

“The museum is also a research, training, cultural and educational centre, where different exhibitions and conferences are held. The Azerbaijan Carpet Museum is a unique attraction for both locals and visitors to Baku,” it added.


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