German chancellor warns "to be prepared for a long war"

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz said Friday that it is “wise to be prepared for a long war” in Ukraine, adding that Kyiv's allies will remain together for the duration, reports citing CNN.

“I think it is wise to be prepared for a long war and it is wise to give Putin the message that we are ready to just stay all the time together with Ukraine, and that we will constantly support the country,” Scholz told CNN’s Christiane Amanpour at Germany’s annual Munich Security Conference.

“The really important decision we should take all together is saying that we are willing to do it as long as necessary, and that we will do our best,” the chancellor said.

Scholz, while avoiding committing to an end target date for the war, said the unity among Ukrainian allies has surprised Putin.

“I'm absolutely sure that Putin never expected that there would be that united Europe, and that there would be that united world. He never thought that the transatlantic partnership would work that good,” he said.

Scholz singled out the United States for their continuous and vital support.

"We just do it together with our friends and partners, and especially with the United States,” Scholz said, adding that he really appreciates his government's “strong alliance” with the US.

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