ICESCO announces “Year of Youth”

Director-General of the Islamic World Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (ICESCO) Salim M. AlMalik said that ISESCO is delighted to announce its Year of Youth under the patronage of President Abdel Fattah al-Sissi, President of the Arab Republic of Egypt, reports the official ISESCO website.

ICESCO Declaration reads: “This year-long initiative will encompass a wide range of initiatives and activities implemented by ICESCO starting from the year’s official launch through a major international celebration soon to be organized in Egypt. The program will focus on enhancing the capabilities and skills of youth in ICESCO Member States, in coordination with competent authorities in each country”.

ICESCO Director-General Salim M. AlMalik conveyed gratitude and appreciation to President al-Sissi for graciously endorsing the Organization’s Year of Youth, commending his unwavering support for youth empowerment and skill development in Egypt and beyond, as exemplified by his remarkable proposal during the 14th session of ICESCO’s General Conference held in December 2021 in Cairo. The proposal included the establishment of the Education and Talent Support Fund in the Islamic World, along with the provision of scholarships in Egyptian universities, Al-Azhar University and private universities for young individuals hailing from ICESCO Member States.

AlMalik pointed out that the detailed program for ICESCO’s Year of Youth will be announced during its official launch, adding that this initiative aims to equip the younger generation with the necessary skills for future professions and enable them to keep pace with global technological advancements and contribute to the consolidation of values such as coexistence, peace and civilizational dialogue. He noted that the Organization has dedicated a year to young people in recognition of their pivotal role in achieving sustainable development and building a better future.

It is worth mentioning that ICESCO, in line with its vision and strategic orientations established three years ago, attaches particular importance youth and implements several ambitious programs and projects geared towards enhancing their capacities in coordination with National Commissions for Education, Science, and Culture in the ICESCO Member States. Notable initiatives include the Young Professionals Program (YPP), the Leadership Training in Peace and Security (LTIPS), model satellite design (CanSat) workshops, the program for training and supporting young people in establishing and developing projects in the field of technology and innovation and the “Ebda3” incubator for cultural and creative projects.

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