Illegal exploitation of Azerbaijan's natural resources is a crime: Political scientist

“It is known that disagreements between Azerbaijanis and Russian peacekeepers regarding certain issues have been going on for several months. Today's event once again showed that the citizens and society of Azerbaijan are united with the state,” Political scientist Zaur Mammadov told

The political scientist noted that the people of Azerbaijan are ready to resist any challenge: "If necessary, the Lachin corridor can be closed and the Azerbaijani army can enter Khankendi. But we choose peace. We want all issues to be resolved through diplomatic negotiations and Armenia to fulfill its obligations."

“Of course, Russian peacekeepers play a certain role in relations between Azerbaijan and Armenia. Recently, certain groups have been going to Khankendi via the Lachin corridor, for example, 14 Iranian citizens. At the same time, the Azerbaijani side proved in 2021 that mines produced in Armenia are sent to the region. If someone hides behind the peacekeepers and plants mines in our territories or attacks the Azerbaijani army, who is responsible?" said Political scientist.

Z. Mammadov noted illegal exploitation of Azerbaijan's natural resources is a crime: “It should be noted that since 2016, Kyzylbulag has been illegally exploited by an Armenian company registered in Switzerland. Volkov, Vardanyan, and Arutunyan also have their own interests here. It is known that they would not have allowed this exploitation if they had no benefit. On the other hand, those deposits provide the biggest income to the budget of the separatists. Thanks to these deposits, terrorists are financed, and weapons are bought, which greatly affects the peace process.”

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