Israeli company plans to make film about Azerbaijani war veteran

Israeli Keshet International company, the global production and distribution arm of Israeli media company Keshet Media Group, plans to make a film about an Azerbaijani soldier who was seriously wounded during the second Karabakh war, Eti El-Kiss, head of the Yentas in the City podcast told

She made the remark while visiting Azerbaijan's liberated lands as part of the delegation, consisting of representatives from the US and Israel. The main purpose of the trip is to convey information about the history, culture of the country, and its realities to the world community, including the public of Israel and the US.

According to El-Kiss, the film will be based on how eight surgeons from Israel arrived in Azerbaijan in order to transplant the cornea of a soldier who lost his sight. According to the plot, the cornea was donated by a family from Israel.

The representative of the company also said that in the future she would like to re-visit Azerbaijan as part of the next delegations.

El-Kiss also added that it is very significant for the world community to see the beauty of Azerbaijan.

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