MEDIA Agency organizes report conference entitled "Education and employment opportunities in the new media environment"  (PHOTO)

On November 29, 2023, Azerbaijan’s Media Development Agency organized a report conference entitled “Education and employment opportunities in the new media environment"  within the framework of the MEDIAlab project, the Agency told

Ahmad Ismayilov, the Executive Director of the Media Development Agency, speaking at the opening ceremony of the conference noted the necessity or rapid transition to digital technology, application of innovation and technologies in the media field, and most importantly training personnel capable of applying technologies.

Mr Ismayilov emphasized that in order to adapt the action plan of the MEDIAlab project to the curriculum, the data-based analysis of the results of the survey conducted among about 1,000 students studying at the partner universities of the project, the perceived needs related to development based on continuous work with media subjects and multilateral communication, employment in the media field The comparative analysis of both local and international trends and the positive results of creating employment opportunities for young people in international practice once again give reason to hope for young people and the future.

Executive Director of MEDIA Agency also noted that the successes achieved within the framework of the project in a short period of time and the Multilateral Cooperation Memorandum signed for the purpose of developing more advanced mechanisms related to experience and employment opportunities in this field at the next stage are an indication of the support of the process from each side and the compatibility of the general approach.

Speaking at the event, Mustafa Abbasbeyli, Chairman of the Managing Board of the Azerbaijan Public Employment Agency under the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection of Population, shared his views on the Multilateral Cooperation Memorandum signed for the purpose of expanding the scope of support services for employers in the field of media, as well as organizing continuous events and programs in this direction.

During the conference, a video showing images from the events organized within the MEDIAalab project was presented.

At the end of the conference, letters of thanks were presented to coordinators from higher education institutions, which are the main partners of the project, for their support in the organization of the overall project, for their contribution to the development of this field and effective cooperation, and to the MEDIA ambassadors selected within the project for their active participation.

Note that the main goal of the MEDIAalab project is to ensure the continuity of innovation and development-oriented activities in the field of media, to support the integration of traditional media into digital media in the educational process, to increase the personnel potential in the relevant field for the development of human resources, which are the main links of the technological transformation chain, media subjects and higher supporting the expansion of interaction and cooperation between educational institutions, creating a favorable ecosystem for improving digital media skills for young people.

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