Military-technical co-op with Pakistan developing ‘more dynamically’ after Azerbaijan’s Karabakh victory, expert says

Pakistan, along with Turkey, took an unambiguous position and supported Azerbaijan in the 44-day Patriotic War for the liberation of its lands, military expert Shair Ramaldanov told News.Az.

"Despite the fact that Pakistan rendered political and moral support for Azerbaijan since there was no need for military assistance, Islamabad expressed its readiness to provide such assistance if there is a request from Baku,” the military expert noted.

Ramaldanov stressed that after Azerbaijan’s Karabakh victory and restoration of its territorial integrity, military-technical cooperation between the two countries began to develop more dynamically.

“It is planned to hold an exchange of experience, training of specialists and, of course, joint military exercises in the near future. Azerbaijan’s practice is very interesting and valuable for Pakistan as we have a lot of highly qualified specialists in handling modern warfare,” he added.


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