No need to purposefully strengthen the immune system - infectionist

"A healthy body provides a balanced immune system. In the absence of any defect of the immune system, recurrent long-term bacterial, viral infections, or severe infectious pathologies, there is no need to purposefully strengthen it," Tayyar Eyvazov, an expert of the Ministry of Health, an infectious disease specialist told reporters, a correspondent of News.Az reports.

"Lack of immunity leads to various diseases. There are no magic pills, medicines that can strengthen immunity. Vaccination is used to build immunity to a particular infection, and in the case of immunodeficiency - replacement therapy to restore the immunodeficiency ring. Only certain groups of patients should use these remedies after the immunological examination. Sudden illness does not mean decreased immunity at all. It indicates a weakening of the body's defenses. Sometimes we mistake frequent acute respiratory infections for immune system disorders. For example, kids going to kindergarten, from the first days they interact with the flora of other children and get sick. This is not pathology," he said.

T.Eyvazov added that the immune system of a healthy person does not need interference: "It is necessary to create conditions for its normal functioning. I would advise paying attention to some factors that will help the immune system to function at a normal level. First, you should not neglect the vaccination schedule, including annual flu shots. You also need to pay attention to the amount and composition of nutrients, vitamins, and trace elements. A good night's sleep is important."

The expert noted that another reason for a weakened immune system is stress. 


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